Who gets to be invited to your Crear Wedding? 

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Crear Weddings are renowned for their laid back & easy going vibe. Wedding guests have travelled from every corner of the globe & all have claimed it was worth the trip when they reach this magical place.

Your Crear Wedding Guest List

Writing out your guest list may at first appear a fun & easy task, however, there will always be difficult decisions to be made. Guests lists have the potential to grow arms & legs & relations that you haven't actually clapped eyes on since you were two years old. At Crear we understand that the pressure from family to invite them can become intense.

It's important that you always remain smelling of roses during the diplomatic minefield of who gets an invite. We have some suggested tactics to manage everyone's expectations, attempt to keep everyone happy & host the wedding you want. Here is a short outline, however, please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any specific concerns.


Compiling your wedding guest list may at first appear a fun & easy task, however, there will always be difficult decisions to be made. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Alternative parties for additional guests

If you have a hundred friends & family that you simply must invite, but the cost per head to your wedding is too much of a financial stretch, consider hosting a BBQ, lunch or afternoon tea party the following day. Not only will people eat & drink less at that time of day, for those travelling within Scotland it gives them the option of going home the same evening, saving on an overnight hotel stay.

Crear Kitchen can cater for an engagement or post wedding party throughout Scotland bringing a little Crear magic & delicious food to you. Family, friends & work colleagues not included on your wedding day, can gather to celebrate in your home or venue of your choice. You can take the flowers from your wedding day to decorate!


Crear Kitchen can cater for an engagement or post wedding party throughout Scotland.

Crear House Party Guests

Every couple makes their own individual choice who will stay at Crear. Some invite their closest friends, while their parents & siblings along with other family stay in similar house parties at Barnlongart House or Achaglacha.

Some brides choose to get ready in Crear while other times the grooms' side use it as their base. Depending on your personal situation, you have the flexibility to decide what works for you.

Most couples expect a contribution towards the cost of the accommodation at Crear - the amount is entirely up to you.

Click here to see the Crear bedroom layout


Every couple makes their own individual choice who will stay at Crear.

Children & babies

Decide right at the beginning whose children you wish to include on your guest list. If you decide to exclude some, potentially risking offending their parents, then we suggest you host a specific child-friendly event over your wedding weekend to which all are invited - a picnic tea, a sandcastle competition or a treasure hunt the following day.

We also suggest those with young children & babies attending your wedding bring other family members to act as baby sitters where they stay so everyone can have a fantastic weekend away.

We can also suggest a professional baby sitting service who can be on site at Crear or Barnlongart House.


Elderly Guests

A vehicle track allows you to drive any guests with mobility issues down to the beach. You are welcome to take our folding chairs outside during your ceremony & reception. Bring rugs to keep everyone cosy. Sitting still even in the sunshine can get a bit chilly if you are not moving about.

Most elderly guests really appreciate the option of being able to retire a little earlier in the proceedings. We suggest having one of our recommended taxi firms on standby so anyone can leave if & when required.

All your guests are welcome to take some time out to relax in the living room with a cup of tea while the party is in full swing.


Hotels, B&Bs & other places to stay

If your guests are simply looking to put their head down at the end of the day then we suggest they stay in Ardrishaig or Lochgilphead. For those wanting to make a weekend of it, then Tarbert is a very pretty fishing village. For those who are coming for a holiday, we can happily recommend some great places to go & explore. We really want all your guests to have the best time! 


Save the Date Notices & Wedding Invitations

Crear Weddings involve a degree of organisation on behalf of your guests. For those who have never ventured north of the M25, it's important that they appreciate they need to make a few plans in good time to ensure they get here! 

Our Crear Wedding Map is a great way of demonstrating where things are & allows you to mark clearly where you suggest they stay if they wished to be collected on your wedding bus. Bus tickets sent with your wedding invitation with the time of the pick up to & from Crear work well.

To ensure your guests RSVP in good time, request a reply six weeks prior to your wedding.


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