Love at last for this lovely couple who met at primary school a wee while back in Hong Kong as both their fathers worked for GCHQ.
They lost touch at eighteen however Sarah always kept in touch with Jeff's father. Now parents and in Sarah's case grandparents, Facebook finally reunited them and finding that they were both single, they decided to meet up five years ago ending with
a romantic proposal on Hong Kong Hogmanay 2019!

Sarah and Jeff travelled from Ipswich in Suffolk to marry in Achahoish Church, the local church to Crear which opened its doors to worshipers over 240 years ago.
Reverand Simon Mackenzie from the Scottish Episcipal Church conducted their ceremony. 

Our perfect day! Jeff and I had such an amazing time at Crear.
The cottage was stunning, clean and really comfortable.
There was a cosy log burner with plenty of wood too.
The views out to sea were lovely and our wedding day couldn't have gone smoother.
Everyone was friendly and professional and very helpful; but also they just left us on our own too; which was great.
The food was stunning and the afternoon tea. We took more food with us, nibbles etc, and some more bubbles; but there was plenty really.
We are still talking about our lovely wedding months later -
we would highly recommend it to anyone who just wants to get away from it all and soak up two wonderful, unforgettable romantic days.
Got For It... Sarah and Jeff


This feels like a dating profile but here goes...
My name is Dave and I'm a Scottish wedding photographer. 
I have an incredibly beautiful and supportive wife who helps me out behind the scenes, fills me with inspiration and gives me an occasional slap when needed. 
I love coffee, preferably black and strong.​
I'm pretty covered in tattoos and aim to get a whole lot more.​
I'm partial to a beer (ipa or tennents please) but I do enjoy a nice red wine, gin (hipster I know) or a cheeky vodka energy drink.​
Penguins are my favourite animal.
My kids Lola and Lewis are my life, they're both 8 but going on 13, crazy, a bundle of energy and I wouldn't have it any other way.
​I  hate getting my photo taken, most photographers are the same mind you.​ 
Pizza is a god food.​
I love my technology and I'm always trying out new cameras and kit to see what works for me.​
I love to travel and have been all over Scotland this year for weddings.​
Meeting new people is one of my favourite things to do and I generally get on with most!​
 I specialise in creative photography, photos that are fun, a wee bit weird but also depict your day as it happens.​
No cheese, no awkward poses and most definitely no dutch tilt (google it!)