Vivette planned and crafted everything for our wedding, but asked that I lead on flowers. Agnes and Blooming Wild Crear Flowers made my flower dreams come true. I broke into tears of joy seeing the flowers in person and my massive flower crown was phenomenal.

Navy blue, green, and cream was our color scheme. The theme was around bears and foxes, because I am from California and Chicago (CA bear and Chicago Cubs) and Vivette is from Leicester (foxes are the symbol of the county). Vivette and a designer created a fox and bear logo to use for our branding (invites, logos, children’s activity books, etc). Vivette then designed each table’s symbol which was a different Fox or Bear, my nieces were enamored with their sloth bear table.


I proposed to Vivette using Polaroids so continuing that theme in our guest book was cool. Vivette crafted our cake topper (us and the pup) herself. She crafted pretty much everything from invites to children activity books, table plan, order of service, logo and table designs. My mother-in-law, another artist, made every person a personal coo, which was at everyone’s table setting. And everyone received a hoody with our wedding logo because nothing feels better than a fresh hoodie.

Vivette found a marvelous London/based seamstress Molly Quest who made both our outfits. We only had three months to plan, but Molly Q made it work and she is now a close friend. 

Our pup Robin participated in everything from being part of the cake topper to being at the ceremony to being in family photos and looking regal in his flower collar.

How gorgeous are these confetti shots? These smell even better being lavender in made personal with Molly and Vivette's names printed on the cones. 
Blooming Wild Crear Flowers supply fresh lavender and rose petals for your special day. CANVA is a great way to design and print on beautiful paper something similar. 


Take time out in the day to spend together. 

Vivette crafted our cake topper (us and the pup) herself. She crafted pretty much everything from invites to children activity books, table plan, order of service, logo and table designs.

Stop to cut your wedding cake in front of all your guests when you are piped into your wedding breakfast.
Everyone will be watching and can take photos from their seats.


Confit Potato, Truffle mash, parmesan gratin

Whipped goats cheese on oat biscuit with baked fig and heather honey

Crispy langoustine croquette with shellfish essence

Chicken liver parfait, cherry and brioche toast 



Cream of carrot, honey and ginger soup with crème fraiche 


Seared sea bass with lobster and chorizo champ with a light pea velouté 


Blown sugar lemon filled with a lemon sorbet  


Loin of lamb wrapped in bacon and herb mousseline served with minted greens, baby potatoes, and rosemary jus


Iced honey and vanilla parfait with roasted strawberries and essence of whiskey and strawberry sauce 


A selection of Scottish cheese and oatcakes with celery flowers, dried fruit and nuts 

Tea, coffee served with petit fours


"I was born in 80’s Poland. I’m a wedding photographer. Since 2014 I have lived in Glasgow.  I love white coffee, strong tea, tattoos, lazy mornings and travels.

Who am I...

It’s a long story. But it should start from the words of Steve McCurry “Life is too short not to be doing something which your really believe in.”

When I was a child, I heard that it’s good to find a well payed job, that all I should focus on is science. I passed all of my exams, finished some schools , got a job and all I’ve found was an empty space in my head. Something was missing. ART was only a passion then, but passion is a state of mind, so I knew I just needed to make one step forward to keep my balance. I quit my ‘dream’ job and became a full-time free spirit. 

I took up photography 'for real' in 2008.

I just woke up one cloudy morning obsessively thinking about buying  a new camera. It was a dream then, step by step I made it come true. Did I finally find a way to express my personality? It was a long way since I understood that photography is not about me, my expression and my passion... My photography is about emotions. I’m not a  bossy stage-manager . I love to be discreet “look-out” guest at weddings. I believe that posing, directed pictures says nothing about real beauty hidden in your heart that day. I’m always looking for little gestures,  feelings, the truth and deepest sense.   My photography is about YOU, YOUR feelings, YOUR way of experiencing emotions.

All I can do is watch and learn, have a walk with you, drink coffee listening your story and after... press the shutter button at the proper moment...

This art is part of me. I need to be creative to live. I need to express myself every day, in every area! That’s why I’m a vocalist, handicraftsman, interior designer, graphic designer and a photographer. Maybe it’s too much for one person, but I can’t stand staying  in one point and just looking around!!!  I want to try many things, meet a lot of people, visit so many places, and squeeze as many emotions from this life as I can."