Spiced mango and pineapple brochette

Mini carrot and coriander tarts

Vegetable sushi

Compressed watermelon with basil gel

Beetroot crackers with salt baked beetroot and apple cider gel

Baby baked potatoes with truffle mayo


Baba ganoush crudités garden

Marinated beets with a salad of grains, citrus and sorrel

Warm salad of celeriac, new season potatoes and young leeks served with leek oil and truffle mayo

Collops of galia melon with celeriac remoulade and pink grapefruit salad

Asian spiced butternut squash soup

Roasted cauliflower and coconut soup


Salt baked beetroot, pumpkin and puy lentil wellington served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes and a rich red wine vegan jus
(the gluten free option will be served in a tart format)

Spinach and coconut dhal with butternut squash crackers

Tastes and textures of carrot and beets with puffed seeds and rice

Spiced textures of cauliflower with toasted almonds

Roasted artichokes, potato and new season asparagus salad with truffle dressing, truffle mayo and mushroom ketchup


Sticky toffee pudding with vegan ice cream, cinnamon and vanilla poached pear and caramel sauce

Basil poached berries with raspberry sorbet

Coconut panna cotta with poached rhubarb crumble

Almond rice pudding with exotic fruit salad and almond brittle



Please note that our food at Crear is prepared in a kitchen which handles all allergens.

We cannot guarantee that our food is free from trace elements of any allergen.

Crear does not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or to items one may come into contact with, while eating at Crear.

For further allergy information or should you or your guests have any food allergies or dietary requirements please inform a member of Crear staff. 

Crear is unable to provide a Kosher kitchen however we would be delighted to recommend Kosher caterers if required.