It is traditional, but absolutely not mandatory to have one.
Many brides choose to have a flower crown instead, for example when they have two people walking them down the aisle.


We often get asked how many bridesmaids you should have? Is two enough? Is eight too many? Simply put, however many you want works for us.

Traditionally the groom should always have one.
Often the groomsmen, ushers and dads will get one as well.
If you wish to go all out and give one to all the gents attending we offer discounts on large numbers of simple guest buttonholes.


During your consultation with Blooming Wild all the options can be discussed of what we can realistically provide.


Blooming Wild is happy to provide fresh flowers for decorating your wedding cake.
Please note that due to food safety regulations we are not able to decorate the cake for you!
If the cake designer delivers to Crear they usually prefer to decorate the cake themselves or you can appoint the most creative one from your guests to do the job.


Blooming Wild is known for their love for flower crowns!
If crown is not what you're after we also offer other options we can discuss during your consultation.


Crear allows you to have real candles and we have a large selection for sale as well as many different designs of candle holders for hire.
Understandably safety always comes first so for example we don't allow candles near pampas grass or uncovered candles on the floor.
Final decision on safety will always be made by Crear staff not the guests.


Top table is where the wedding couple will sit with their nearest and dearest.
It is your choice who you would like to share your wedding meal with, don't feel pressured by the tradition.
Some couples opt for so called Sweetheart Table meaning it's just for the two of them.
Please don't forget to include your top table in your table number count!


You are welcome to bring your own decorations, however, please note that everything you bring will be your responsibility to put up and take down. Anything that requires the Crear team to remove after your departure will forfeit your security deposit.
That includes all stationary like place names or menus.
If you wish to have stress free time the night before please let Blooming Wild know and we might be able to give you a quote to get it all sorted for you.


We have ladders to reach the beams you are welcome to use entirely at your own risk.

Final decision on flowers for all the Big and Small Crear weddings will need to be made two months before the big day.