Crear is an exclusive use Wedding Venue on the West Coast of Scotland

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Your romantic destination wedding venue with its own sandy beach, to celebrate your wedding with days & nights exclusive use in understated, affordable luxury, complete privacy & a relaxed & welcoming atmosphere


Enjoy your exclusive use romantic wedding celebration in warm and stylish surroundings, with uninterrupted views to the Isles of Islay, Jura & Gigha, & the lighthouses of Rathlin Island 

Your exclusive use destination wedding

With exclusive use sleeping twelve in Crear house & all your wedding guests in neighbouring cottages, guest houses & hotels, Crear becomes your home from home for up to three days & nights.

In the centre of Crear house, the main studio is larger than a tennis court - the perfect party venue & blank canvas for creatives. Lit by a continuous glass wall overlooking the Paps of Jura & with underfloor heating it is warm & welcoming in every season.

At Crear you can host up to a hundred guests for your wedding reception (many more with a marquee) or smaller more intimate house party gatherings with our all inclusive Gourmet Small Wedding package. 


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Crear House & Studio is a purpose built conversion with an emphasis on comfort & warmth, your home from home sleeping twelve guests

With warm slate & solid oak floors, it's warm & cosy at any time of year

Crear House sleeps twelve guests in six individual beautifully appointed en-suite rooms. Enjoy a home from home and host a house party with family and friends staying with you around your wedding day. 

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As a guide, if your entire celebration is inside Crear, we suggest that the maximum number of guests is 80. If you marry in church or have a marquee, then 100 plus guests fit comfortably in

If you chose to host your marriage ceremony at Crear House, then 80 guests fit comfortably in the studio for both your ceremony and reception. Should you chose to marry in one of the local churches or hire a marquee to pitch on the Crear Estate, then 120 guests can be invited for your afternoon and evening reception. When the dining tables are cleared and the dancing gets going, 150 is the maximum for evening guests.

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The Crear studio, larger than a tennis court,is in the heart of the house with panoramic views from the 60-foot glass wall to the Paps of Jura, your perfect party venue & blank canvas for creatives

We love that every wedding is unique in its decoration and style and you are welcome to decorate and adorn the entire house as you wish. However Crear is also so beautifully simple with its clean white lines and incredible views from every window to the Islands of Islay and Jura, Gigha and the coast of Ireland, a minimal look is equally stunning.

The studio has a glass wall that is over sixty feet long and with overhead skylights it is flooded with natural light whatever the weather outside.


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A Crear wedding is your wedding your way

At Crear your wedding is your way & as we offer a bespoke service, we will help you plan every last detail of the day.

We suggest arriving the day before to host an informal supper for your house guests. Your marriage ceremony is usually the following day followed by your wedding reception & evening party.

The day following your wedding, host a relaxed buffet or a picnic on the beach with a bonfire. 

Set off for your Honeymoon and your married life ahead after enjoying a relaxed last evening just chilling out & enjoying being newly wedded in this beautiful place.





Space to Create

Crear is a purpose built conversion with an emphasis on comfort & warmth. With warm slate & solid oak floors, it's warm & cosy at any time of year. The house has the qualities of the Tardis - it can be small & intimate while expanding when required to accommodate your wedding guests.

The Crear studio is in the heart of the house with panoramic views from the 60-foot glass wall to the Paps of Jura, bringing the outside in whatever the weather.

We are all excited to help with your creative ideas - as long as they are legal & leave the ceiling & walls in their beautiful white state!



Your Crear Wedding is a wedding for foodies! Eat, drink & be merry with family & friends.

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The Food of Love with Alan Boslem

The food of love is one of the main reasons to chose Crear & treat your guests to a meal to remember. Alan Boslem, our superstar chef who heads up the talented team at Crear Kitchen, has 25 years experience catering in top hotels & establishments across the UK. He started his apprenticeship at the five star Gleneagles Hotel & left as Senior Sous-Chef, with over 100 chefs reporting to him. Alan has also been Executive Chef for the biggest catering company in the world, the Compass Group

Having cooked for many, many superstars, sporting personalities & all the Royals, we cannot imagine anyone better to create your wedding breakfast fit for a king.


Your journey to Crear is one of the most beautiful road trips in the world & a part of your wedding experience for all your guests to enjoy. 

Crear Weddings arrivals & departures

Your journey here from Glasgow is one of the most beautiful road trips in the world & a part of your wedding experience for all your guests to enjoy. Our Crear Wedding map shows great places to visit & explore along the way.

Our Crear wedding guests usually arrive on Friday and leave on Monday. Or arrive on Monday & leave on Wednesday or Wednesday & leave on Friday with their celebration the day in between.

For the larger weddings, West Coast Motors will run your wedding bus ensuring all your guests have a safe journey home at the end of the night.

Driving directions & travel information

Gather your family & friends from far & wide to celebrate your marriage in this magical place.

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We are so happy you have found us! Looking forward to hearing your plans for a relaxed & informal exclusive use wedding with fabulous food, family & friends in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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More information on your Crear wedding

Crear was born in 2000, after a renovation of the house, as a space to create, a place for artists, writers and musicians to work, collaborate, perform and enjoy the scenic Scottish landscape. When musicians at Crear recognised the venue as the perfect spot for a wedding, Crear Weddings was born. With Crear Weddings you can enjoy your special day at an exclusive use romantic coastal wedding venue in warm and stylish surroundings while enjoying the spectacular views to the Isles of Islay, Jura & Gigha, and the lighthouse of Rathlin Island.

Crear gives you the opportunity to do a destination wedding effortlessly. The fantastic team will take care of your from start to finish and ensure that you have the best wedding experience possible. With Crear house sleeping twelve and all your wedding guests accommodated in the nearby cottages, hotels, and guest houses, you can have the ultimate wedding experience for three days with exclusive use, while being able to enjoy your privacy as well.

The Crear studio is the heart of the house. Larger than a tennis court and offering brilliant panoramic views to the spectacular landscape surrounding Crear through a continuous glass wall, the studio is the perfect spot for your wedding celebration. The studio’s size and features give you the complete freedom to plan and organize your wedding reception exactly as you want it. With breathtaking views and fantastic acoustics, the Crear studio is the ideal blank canvas to create your perfect wedding. It can accommodate up to a hundred people, or even more with a marque, as well as being an ideal spot for smaller parties with Crear’s Small Gourmet Weddings.

At Crear, we put a very special emphasis on the food and we believe that it is an essential part of a successful wedding celebration. The famous and considered one of the best chefs in Scotland – Alan Boslem – is responsible for Crear Kitchen. Chef Boslem and his team can accommodate any needs and dietary requirements while keeping the exceptionally high level of quality. If you appreciate food just as much as we do, Chef Boslem’s fantastic menu will become a highlight of your wedding and something for both you and your guests to remember fondly.

The Crear house has been converted with comfort, privacy and cosiness in mind. The studio’s glass wall providing panoramic views, the solid oak floors, the crackling fireplace and the cosy sofas make Crear a one of a kind venue that you wouldn’t want to leave.
Crear is situated at around two and a half hours drive from Glasgow and we promise that the road trip itself will become a fond memory of your wedding at Crear. The west coast of Scotland is famed for its breathtaking beauty and your journey to Crear lives up to the high expectations.
You have plenty of options to choose from for your three days exclusive use. Depending on your preferences and availability, you could stay in the house for the weekend, arriving Friday and leaving Monday, or during the week – Monday until Wednesday or Wednesday until Friday. Transporting your wedding guest should not be a worry at all. If you are having a large wedding at Crear, West Coast motors will be your wedding bus company, safely transporting all of your family and friends.

With three days and night exclusive use at Crear, your wedding could be the straight-out-of-a-fairytale dream you've always imagined it to be. Get the relaxed and romantic beach wedding you want, be it religious, humanist or civil ceremony you prefer, with our lovely piper Iain piping for you for an extra dash of Scottish authenticity. Having your marvellous celebration at Crear house with all your friends and family, without having to worry about anything. One of the best things about Crear is that you can set your imagination free and design the wedding you have always wanted. The studio's features allow for you to dictate the style and type of decorations and celebration. Leave everything else to the team, relax and enjoy the happiest day of your life. 


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